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deeproot® designs, administers, and manages alternative private equity and debenture funds for investors. We target a lower risk profile by using a proprietary, innovative allocation blend of collateralized assets. In fact, our ‘two-of-a-kind’ fund design can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The end result defines us: solid alternative investment funds that are designed to keep pace with or outperform traditional investments without taking on unnecessary, unpredictable risk.

Does your advisor or broker offer deeproot® as an option for your portfolio? If not...why not?

Allocation Philosophy
There is only 1 deeproot®.

We have designed an investment structure never before created.

Why does an Allocation Philosophy matter?

While investment funds have been around for many years, the rise in popularity of funds here in the United States in the last forty years was driven by an effort to simplify investment strategies and minimize risk. By using a pool of investments, a fund can diversify asset classes using allocation strategies which minimizes the risk of losses or negative fluctuations in any one investment, sector, industry, or asset class.

With the explosion of funds, there has also been an explosion of allocation strategies. With thousands of funds available today, an investor has an overwhelming selection to choose from to match any investment objective: from growth to income, from stocks to bonds to real estate to precious metals, from domestic to international, from aggressive growth to lower risk money market funds.

A fund is founded on three main pillars. First, the allocation philosophy (the fund’s mission statement) will determine the type, quality, and quantity of investments that will make up the fund. Second, of paramount importance is the competence and diligence of the fund manager to adhere to the allocation philosophy by selecting appropriate investments in the right allocations. And last, the end result to the investor must be unique and competitive: predictable positive returns, low fees, exceptional service, true diversification, and unparalleled results.

We believe that the vast majority of funds fail to adhere to all three pillars. Simply put: mixing up the same asset classes ten thousand different ways still results in the same investment profile.

What is deeproot®’s Allocation Philosophy?
At deeproot® we have designed our private investment funds around a four pronged approach to investing:
  • Be bold, but simple, by adhering to fund types which complement the overall allocation philosophy, such as equity structures, accredited and non-accredited variations, and fixed rate – fixed term & aggressive growth models
  • Stay away from the unpredictable broader stock and bond market
  • Invest in assets that are themselves collateralized or backed by corporate or governmental entities
  • Adhere to an allocation structure that rewards investors with competitive returns while avoiding stock market or interest rate risks
Our Funds

By using alternative investments, as compared to the stale, repackaged stocks or bonds in nearly all other investment funds, deeproot® has re-innovated the traditional investment fund and mutual fund models. Our two-of-a-kind fund portfolio provides all three possible investment options (growth, income, and aggressive growth) in a private equity design, so investors get a stake in the action. In fact you won’t be able to find anything like our private equity funds anywhere in the world. That’s how we spell innovation at deeproot®!

Online Tools

We are committed to providing our agents and investors with cutting edge product designs and tools. As a part of that commitment, the following fund tools assist agents or prospective and current investors in finding solutions or answers to a wide range of questions.

Online Pre-Qualification

Submitting the Pre-Qualification form is an easy first step in pre-qualifying. After approval, we will provide you with detailed fund information, allocation and diversification break-downs, brochures, PPM’s, and application materials.

Online Secure Account Info and Tools

Once your account is established, you will receive online access to our secure investor portal where you can receive account information and values, download marketing materials and statements, and maintain your registrations.

Secure Online Application

Our secure online application website features a step-by-step wizard to assist in submitting an application for our funds.

Suitability Worksheet

In addition to submitting the online pre-qualification form, you may be asked to also fill out an Investor Suitability Worksheet.

My Webinar

We want to put you in the driver’s seat! Through our My Webinar program, you can set up a convenient date and time to chat with us on a private, confidential video conference via your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to answer your personal, important questions about our company, allocation design, private equity funds, or anything else meaningful about your investment goals or decisions.

This is personalized service to the Nth degree…only from deeproot®! If you have not yet done so, please use this link to Pre-Qualify, or click the same link up at the top-right of this screen, before attending a My Webinar appointment. It is quick and easy to set up a My Webinar appointment. Simply click on the following link to start.

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Robert J. Mueller is an attorney and financial advisor with over twenty years of experience in the legal and financial industries. Robert attended high school at Smithson Valley High School, located near Canyon Lake, Texas. He then went on to earn a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio, while concurrently learning about the financial markets with USAA Investment Management Company. After completing his undergraduate studies, Robert attended St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio, where he graduated a semester early in December 2000. Robert has since concentrated his legal and financial skills in the area of estate planning, insurance products and investments. He has personally drafted, delivered, and presented hundreds of simple and complex trust and financial estate plans for his clients. Robert is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Estate Probate & Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, San Antonio Bar Association, and is Life Insurance licensed. Robert is intimately involved with deeproot®’s product design, marketing, and strategic planning areas. Robert is a Principal and President of deeproot® Capital Management, LLC, the parent company of deeproot® Funds.


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