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‘Two-of-A-Kind’ Investment Portfolio

Innovative Design
Safety in Mind

deeproot Private Equity Funds - Only Two-of-a-Kind in the World

deeproot® designs, administers, and manages alternative private equity and debenture funds for investors. We target a lower risk profile by using a proprietary, innovative allocation blend of collateralized assets. In fact, our ‘two-of-a-kind’ fund design can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The end result defines us: solid alternative investment funds that are designed to keep pace with or outperform traditional investments without taking on unnecessary, unpredictable risk.

Does your advisor or broker offer deeproot® as an option for your portfolio? If not...why not?

Proud corporate partner of National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and platinum sponsor of the NAIFA Performance+Purpose 2016 Annual Conference.

  • Beat the Market?

    With decades of combined technical expertise, we don't follow the pack to the next big thing...we CREATE our own dynamic market opportunities.

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  • deeproot & You

    We are here because of you! With an innovative investment design, to personalized customer care, to our online tools...Welcome to the deeproot® family!

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  • My Webinar for Investors

    Would you rather lose money the old fashioned way? Try our confidential My Webinar to see how we can reinvigorate your portfolio with safe returns.

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